Open Table

Using Our Talents


Open Table trains congregation members to form communities that transform their vocational and life experiences into tools our Brothers and Sisters in poverty can use to develop and implement plans that create change.

A Table is formed by 6-12 volunteers who bring their vocational and life experiences along with their personal networks to an impoverished family for approximately one year. Together, with the brother and sister being served, the Table develops and implements a customized LifePlan to empower the family to begin living into their human potential God gave to them.

What do YOU have to offer?
The Open Table process develops Missional Communities committed to the transformation of a family or individual in poverty.  You have years of life experience, education, as well as a relational network and we have a way for you to share that experience in a way that can help someone move from living in poverty to experiencing community.

The Commitment:

  • Average of 1-2 hours a week for 12 months
  • Build a lifelong relationship with the Brother or Sister you will walk with
  • Serve alongside 6-12 other people

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