Local Outreach Ministry

Opportunities abound to make an impact in our community!


The local outreach ministry’s task is to build community awareness of the current ways we serve others while striving to develop more ways to better minister to those around us. What does the Northside church need to do to be more present in the community? How can we be in people’s lives so they know more about the Northside family? How can the Northside local outreach ministry support and collaborate with all other Northside ministries to find more and better ways to serve those in our local neighborhoods? Opportunities abound to make an impact in our community!

Here are some ways we can serve together…

Won’t you join us?

  • Contact local organizations to offer our Northside building/campus as a venue for community based events, presentations and trainings such as: SAPD, Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, Social Service agencies, local neighborhood organizations who may put on trainings/events such as:
  • ~Personal Safety classes
  • ~CPR and first aid classes
  • ~Basic budgeting & financial management classes for teens & young adults
  • ~Basic car care, tire changing, breakdown solutions for young & first time drivers
  • ~Other life skills classes
  • Invite friends & neighbors to your life group meeting
  • Invite friends & neighbors to come serve with you with Loaves & Fishes; making sandwiches, loading the truck, filling toiletry and hygiene bags, going on the truck runs to help serve the homeless
  • Invite friends & neighbors to join you attending children’s and teen’s events at Northside such as our Easter Egg Hunt and Trunk or Treat for kids and our many Youth Group activities for Middle and High School students
  • Invite friends & neighbors to join you attending
  • Help build and maintain a Northside blog, write blog articles, assist with blog
  • Help us organize and support other events on the Northside campus such as market days, Food Truck Festivals, Foster Family Days, Touch A Truck, etc.

Interested in serving with us in this ministry? Do you have a need in this area? Please feel free to use the form below to contact us or email us directly at localoutreach@nscoc.org

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