Ciudad de Angeles

Cozumel, Mexico


Raising children to become Christian adults who are responsible citizens in their local communities.

Ciudad de Ángeles is a children's home on the island of Cozumel, Mexico. We provide a safe and healthy environment based on Christian principles. The home accepts young children who have been orphaned, abandoned, or abused and gives them a permanent home on the Ciudad de Ángeles campus.

John 14:18 (NLT) says, “No, I will not abandon you as orphans—I will come to you.” What better way to show the love of Jesus then by going to the needy. Ciudad de Angeles is the “Angels’” forever home. You are invited to be a part of our Father’s house in Cozumel, a place of uniqueness, diversity, love, and unity.

Here are the top five reasons someone will say “no” to serving at Ciudad de Angeles in Cozumel.

  1. Is it safe? – Cozumel is a popular destination and relies exclusively on tourism. The island is one of the safest communities in Mexico. Our team has seasoned travelers with experience in maneuvering the island and speaking the language. If you comfortable walking the streets in US cities, you will be right at home in Cozumel.
  2. Is it expensive? – If you are thinking about joining the Mexico Mission Team in Cozumel, then God has already started working in you to go. Participating in fundraising events help reduce the costs of travel, we also have sponsorships available.
  3. What do we do? – Serving takes on different forms from year to year. We always have work and service opportunities along with spending “family” quality time with the Angels.
  4. Can I bring my family? – Yes! God loves all ages and so does Ciudad! No one is too young or too old to serve.
  5. When do you go? – Our summer trip typically happens the week before Independence Day, making it easy to plan your family vacation.

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