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Expanding Christ’s family by living out the light, love, and abundant life Jesus offers.

Northside has had a strong connection to church-planting in Brasil for decades.  The opportunity to establish a congregation in São Luís, Maranhão is an exciting continuation of what God began many years ago through those dedicated to expanding His Kingdom in Brasil.  In this way, Northside’s participation in Brasil is a great example of how God uses each of our efforts to serve and “is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine'' (Eph 3:20).  “Immeasurably more” is exactly what we have witnessed since arriving in 2018!  

Trained by Great Cities Missions, our goal is to establish a “main avenue” church that is focused on Jesus and living for Him.  In our experience here in São Luís, the “main avenue” (or primary pathway) that people become a follower of Jesus is through a relationship with a Jesus follower.  So it is our mission to grow in Christ together as we and those He leads us to are transformed by His Spirit.  Everything we do here has the purpose of pointing to Jesus and to call others to join us in “being” a família em Cristo in São Luís.  

Relationships are God’s doors to opportunities.  Those relationships are fostered through Sunday worship celebrations, small groups, events, retreats, and the innumerable daily communications that come with living as part of a connected community of believers.  God has blessed us with expanding connections with the community through groups geared towards practicing level-based English through Christian music and Bible study.  Additionally, a partnership with The Story of Redemption has allowed us to pair Brasilians interested in English with members from our supporting congregations to study the Bible together virtually.  We are seeing folks who are coming for the English, but who are staying for Jesus!

Family bonds are strengthened around the table.  So of course we enjoy churrascos together!  But more importantly, the table is central to how we worship on Sunday, literally.  By sitting at tables instead of in rows, we are more intimately connected to each other.  The tables also provide opportunities to discuss the message, offer perspectives and prayers, and share the Lord’s supper more like a family shares a meal.  These connections go out with us and into each other's lives as we walk together throughout the week.

We make plans with intention but we know that it is God who guides our steps, and this journey has seen several re-routes along the way.  But over and over we have seen God take our small efforts to obey and trust Him and multiply their effects in ways we could not imagine!

We want this church to be a unified family in Christ who is “all in'' for living for Jesus and where each member is seeking God with all of their heart (connections), soul (spiritual disciplines), mind (understanding) and strength (service).

We invite you to follow along with what God is doing through Família em Cristo in São Luís!

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We would love to share what we see God doing in São Luís! If you would like to hear more about how to partner with one of our Brazilian contacts to study the Bible, or have other questions please feel free to use the form below to contact us or email us directly at

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